Evagloss Rapid Reduction Eye Cream


• INSTANT SKIN TIGHTENING – Applying the Evagloss Rapid Reduction Eye Cream will immediately a cool sensation, and you will feel the tightening of the skin – all in the matter of minutes of application due to the micro-molecular structure in the cream that enables rapid absorption.

• REDUCE UNDER-EYE BAGS – Our rapid reduction eye cream is formulated to reduce under-eye bags which is caused by the fats under the eyes retaining water. The swelling is quickly subsided through deep hydration of the skin, releasing the water that is causing the puffiness.

• SMOOTH OUT FINE WRINKLES – The Evagloss Eye Cream activates genes involved in the process of cell growth and renewing cell arrangement to create an antiwrinkle effect, tightening the skin and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

• ENERGIZE FATIGUED EYES – Our rapid reduction eye cream contains amino acids that builds your skin density and increase your skin brightness , energizing the fatigue that shows itself around the areas near the eyes.

• LIGHTEN DARK CIRCLES – The antioxidant in the Evagloss Eye cream is a great source of beta-glucan which is anti-inflammatory, capable of reducing redness and other signs of irritation, and lightening dark circles under the eyes. The highly efficient hydration brightens dull complexion under the eyes due to dehydration.

Dimensions: 5.80 x 4.20 x 1.10 in Weight: 0.45 lbs


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